Friday, 9 January 2015

Main right-sided headache remedies


 Excellent remedy for both acute and chronic headaches and migraines.
 Quality: Most intense headache in our materia medica.
 Described as: Throbbing. "Exploding." "Maddening."
 Pressing outward sensation, "as if eyes will pop out."
 Pains come and go suddenly; or start slowly and end suddenly.
 Location: Begins in right occiput, extends to right forehead or eye.
 Also may begin in right forehead and extend to

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The most valuable tips - 2

Impairment of functions

 For persons with advanced age, when they complain of impairment of functions such as weakness, coldness and numbness, usually of single parts, such as, fingers, arms etc, "AMBRA GRISEA" is considered to be a great remedy. A point to note is that complaints tend to be one sided in this remedy, up to 3rd potency can be repeated with advantage.

 Hay fever

 in hey fevers, "AMBROSIA" is a trusted remedy more so when there is profuse lachrymation and intolerable itching of the eyelids. High potencies are recommended as they are found to give better results.


 For albuminaria in gouty patients, "AMMONIUM BENZOICUM" is given some specific value. Here it is advised to use lower triturations.

Anaemia of the brain

In treating of this affection we shall pursue the same course as in hyperaemia of the brain, and, without discussing the admissibility of the hypothesis of a diminished flow of blood to the brain, we shall take this for granted as a fact. In most cases cerebral anaemia is not such a separate affection as to require a separate chapter. This, however, may find its excuse in the great importance that attaches to it in consequence of the case with which it is confounded with other affections, and of the dangerous consequences based upon a correspondingly erroneous treatment.

 Cerebral anaemia either consists in a diminished volume of blood in the brain, or in a supply of blood to the brain destitute of red globules. In the former case it is caused by constriction or compression of the arteries through which the blood courses toward the brain, and by any other circumstances in consequence of which the space within the skull is narrowed; in the second case all the causes of anaemia come into play, whereas the deficiency of blood consequent upon sanguineous losses will have to be counted in

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

The most valuable tips - 1


 Some poeple suffer with great hunger and resort to eat beyond their capacity. As a result, become victims to indigestion. "ABIES CANADENSIS" will set right that condition in a quick and certain manner 3rd and 6th potencies can be tried.

 Cerebral spasms

 Cerebral irritation and hysterical infantile spasm, can be controlled effectively with this remedy "ABSINTHINUM" Q, 3rd and 6th potencies will take hold of these cases, provided they are not of long duration.

 Dead babies

Miasmatic approach to Diabetes mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus is classically considered to be of TUBERCULAR origin. All the classical symptoms of Diabetes mellitus have been mentioned as being Tubercular. The following symptoms have all been grouped under Tubercular miasm or Pseudo-Psora.
 - Loss of strength after urinating.
 - Copiousness of urine is a tubercular trait.
 - The majority of renal difficulties have a tubercular basis, which can be demonstrated by a careful study of all the latent miasmatic symptoms of the whole person.
 - Neuralgic pains are of Tubercular origin.